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Reddi minus TOR

February 05, 2021 — ~karx

on this day, february 5th, 2021 (it’s the 5th already? dang), i figured out how to switch channels in irc (thanks to the people on #team!)

in other news, reddit no longer works on tor browser, giving a 503 error. you can still access old reddit on tor though, which makes me think that it’s a temporary configuration error of some sort. after all, 503 stands for service temporarily unavailable, so this might be fixed in a bit.

i’m also working on a funny little “programming language” called sandwich, written in rust. it doesn’t do much, currently it only prints strings and does the basic 4 mathematical operations. (add, subtract, multipy, divide) also you can’t print strings with spaces in them, because the separator for instructions is a space; therefore, if you try to print a string with a space, it’ll only print the first word and treat the next word(s) as instructions. it still needs a readme, preferably with installation instructions and language specifications. pull requests/patches sent to my email are welcome!

also, know how to add rust autocompletion to micro? trying to make a programming language without auto-completion is hard.

tags: reddit, tor, sandwich